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Government Statistician Group (GSG) Competency Framework

Framework LogoThe GSG Competency Framework is here – it was officially launched on Wednesday 30th March 2016. The framework sets out how we want members of the statistical profession to work across government and draws on the Better Statistics, Better Decisions Strategy.

The framework sets out what members of the statistical profession are expected to achieve in addition to the Civil Service Competency Framework (CSCF). It can be used in performance management discussions, objective setting at the start of each performance year, or when moving posts. The User Guide sets out how we expect the framework to be used.

Matrix views by Level are also available for download, these can be found in the useful documents section below.

The framework will also be used for recruitment purposes, where interview questions can draw out examples to demonstrate accomplishment of relevant statistical competence from across the statistical strands. Guidance on how to use the framework for Recruitment, Promotion or Badging can also be found in the Useful Documents section below.

A list of Statistical tools and techniques that define us as Statisticians has been designed to accompany the GSG Competency Framework. This is referred to as ‘Annex 1’ within the framework and is referred to at the start of the Capable pillar. The CPD Log Book has also been refreshed.

NB -Statisticians work in a huge range of roles across government and this framework has been designed with that flexibility in mind. No individual will be expected to satisfy the full suite of competencies within a given Level across all pillars and statistical strands – the competencies that you are required to demonstrate in your role will depend on your post. However you will be expected to be aware of the wider competencies/skills in play across both the Statistician CF and the CSCF.

Useful Documents

How to use the framework

We recommend that at the start of the performance year, you assess the competencies from the GSG Competency Framework that are pertinent to your post and agree these with your line manager. Start by looking at the appropriate statistical strands (i.e. Acquiring data/Understanding customer needs; Data analysis; Presenting and disseminating data effectively; Working with credibility), and then across the pillars. Once you have identified the competencies that apply in your role, you can use them in these following ways:

  1. At the start of the performance year, use the competencies to identify the knowledge, skills and behaviours that you need to demonstrate throughout the year. Where possible (i.e. if your departmental systems allow), ensure that these are reflected within your performance agreement.
  2. At the start of the performance year, use the competencies to identify your strengths and development areas. Determine your learning needs and incorporate these into your Personal Development Plan. Get the support from your manager to get the training that you need and log all learning in your CPD Log Book.
  3. When preparing for mid-year and end of year reviews, use the competencies to help chart your progress, and to help evidence that your development is on track.
  4. When seeking promotion, use the competencies from the higher level to ensure that you are developing in the areas required at the higher grade.
  5. Use the ‘statistical strands’ and most relevant competencies to define your current role – this should provide a ‘job profile’ and can be kept in readiness for recruitment purposes (i.e. for filling your current post).