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Data Science Training

data_scienceData Science is the study of where information comes from, what it represents and how it can be turned into a valuable source of information which provides useful insights. Data Science employs techniques and theories drawn from many fields encompassing a number of digital, technological and analytical activities.

The Data Science strand of the Learning Academy focuses on developing peoples understanding of programming and its applications in a cloud environment. It also builds on analytical skills in structured and unstructured datasets, data mining and data analysis.

The evolving Learning Academy Data Science Learning Pathway courses can be found within the Learning Academy Directory.

A new programme of Data Science Training is now available for all GSS and GSG staff. Courses are available for those who are keen to understand what Data Science is and what this means for us, through to developing Coding skills in R or Python.  Courses are available via classroom or e-learning options.

Please see the full programme of training on eventbrite.

For further information, please contact the Data Science team at the Learning Academy via: