Data Science Training

data_scienceData Science is the study of where information comes from, what it represents and how it can be turned into a valuable source of information which provides useful insights. Data Science employs techniques and theories drawn from many fields encompassing a number of digital, technological and analytical activities.

The Data Science strand of the Learning Academy focuses on developing peoples understanding of programming and its applications in a cloud environment. It also builds on analytical skills in structured and unstructured datasets, data mining and data analysis.

The evolving Learning Academy Data Science Learning Pathway courses can be found within the Learning Academy Directory.

A new programme of Data Science Training is now available for all GSS and GSG staff. Courses are available for those who are keen to understand what Data Science is and what this means for us, through to developing Coding skills in R or Python.  Courses are available via classroom or e-learning options.

Please see the full programme of training on eventbrite.

For further information, please contact the Data Science team at the Learning Academy via:

The Learning Academy is offering Advanced level training on R.

If you have already attended the Introduction to R course and/or feel that you have a good level of working experience on R, please see this learning opportunity below.

The ”Advanced R” course is a one day classroom based course and there are still places available on the 31st January 2018 in ONS Titchfield.

Please note that for ONS & other Government staff, the course fee is £129 for both days.

This module is aimed at those familiar with the basics of the R language who require knowledge

of more advanced data handling techniques and formal code development. Topics will be
selected based on specific requirements, but could include:

  • Advanced Data Objects and Data Manipulation
  • The Apply Family of Functions
  • Advanced Graphics – lattice, ggplot2 and grid
  • The R Class System
  • Advanced Function Writing
  • Unit Testing and Building R Packages

This module will use hands-on exercises throughout based on relevant datasets and tasks.

For GSS members only: if you wish to pay via Purchase Order could you please provide us an electronic copy of the Purchase Order in order to use that in the invoice.

Learning Academy will contact you regarding payments.

This course will require to have your laptop.

If you don’t have a work laptop please feel free to bring your home laptop.

If you wish to register please follow this link:

If you have any questions please feel free to contact