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Mandatory Training

GSG Induction – 1 day, non residentialinduction-training1

When: 0 – 3 months in post

Audience: Statistical Officers and Data Scientists together

Venues: Leeds and Newport

Cost: £100

Essentials (some provided via pre-course material): GSS structure; Who’s who (HoPs, NS, etc); What do Depts do? Code of Practice (why it matters); Strategy (why it matters); Managing career (Mentors, CPD, GSG Comp Framework); Induction Programme road map; Being professional/our roles; Opps for cross-gov working.

Working with Policy: video with JP/Policy (8 mins)

Guest speakers: Data Scientists, Statisticians, Policy professionals, Senior Leaders/HoPs

Full-Fact: video

Practical/applied group work – real time: presented with a problem/question to work on to present back, with Policy involvement. GPT exercise. Enabler for network development.

GSG Foundation Course – 2 days, non-residential

When: – 3 – 6 months in post

Audience: (Assistant Statisticians, Statistical Officers and Data Scientists together)

Venues: Leeds, London and Newport

Cost: £300


Day 1

  • Acquiring data/Understanding customer needs: Understanding customer needs; types of data used across Gov (GSS direction for admin data); innovations in data sourcing (new tools and techniques) with case studies from across GSS. Signpost courses.
  • Data Analysis: Overview of types of data analysis undertaken across GSS (use case studies) – Regression, Index Numbers, Time Series, etc; Developing curiosity. Signpost courses.

Day 2

  • Presenting and disseminating data effectively: Meeting user needs; disclosure control; critique publication; data visualisation tools, techniques and innovations (use case studies). Signpost courses.
  • Working with Policy – exercise based
  • Working with Credibility (exercise based/Q&A sessions – why this matters): GSBPM; Quality dimensions; International; Codes of Practice; Data Protection; Confidentiality; Ethics; Being professional/our role in Gov. Signpost courses.

Career Checkpoint Course

career-ladder-2-slideshowWhen: 18 months in post

Venue: Leeds, London and Newport

Cost: £75

Course Overview
Discussion: career checkpoint; identifying learning gaps/challenges; CPD; applying for posts (guidance); mentoring; building networks.

Guest speakers – Senior Leaders/HoPs; recently promoted G7s

Statistical Fast Stream Induction 

Fast Stream

Induction training for the Assistant Statistician Fast Stream is run by Civil Service Resourcing. The course aims to set the scene for newly recruited Fast Streamers and to establish their role within the Civil Service. The course is run with others from a number of other disciplines/professions and therefore provides an excellent opportunity for Statistical Fast Streamers to network across the professions. It provides exposure to some of our esteemed Senior Civil Servants and provides an opportunity to hear their vision for the Civil Service.

The course is a three-day residential that runs twice a year in September and October in London. By the end of the course, participants will have a clearer understanding of:

  • The Civil Service, the Civil Service Code, the structure;
  • How to make the right impact and impression;
  • Statistical Code of Practice and UK Strategy; and
  • How to manage one’s career.