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Non-analytical learning pathway

This non-analytical pathway matches relevant training offered on the Civil Service Learning website to the five perspectives of the Better Statistics, Better Decisions strategy for UK statistics (Helpful, Innovative, Capable, Efficient and Professional).

We have split the pathway by the different job grades within the Government Statisticians Group (GSG) profession.

You will need to set up an account to access the courses on the Civil Service Learning website.

  1. These are just suggestions for training.
  2. Successfully undertaking a training course is not sufficient by itself to demonstrate competency achievement.
  3. The examples may not be relevant for all – training requirements should be considered against the need of the individual and their role.
  4. All training should be discussed with line managers first.
  5. It may be that individuals require training at a higher or lower grade than the one indicated below. For example, you do not need to be a Principal Statistician to take the MSc in Data Analytics for Government, it is available to all grades.

Statistical Officer / Trainee Data Scientist

GSG competency framework: level 1


Helpful: Active listening

Innovative: Basic digital skills

Capable: Teamworking

Efficient: Written communication

Professional: Customer insight


Higher Statistical Officer / Junior Data Scientist

GSG competency framework: level 2


Helpful: Coaching skills for managers

Innovative: Change agility

Capable: Matrix working

Efficient: Effective communication

Professional: Communicating with customers


Senior Statistical Officer / Data Scientist

GSG competency framework: level 2


Helpful: Conducting high quality conversations

Innovative: Managing in a digital environment

Capable: Influencing skills

Efficient: Presenting confidently

Professional: Impact assessment


Principal Statistician (Grade 7) / Senior Data Scientist

GSG competency framework: level 3


Helpful: Identifying customer and stakeholder requirements

Innovative: The digital landscape

Capable: Running effective meetings

Efficient: Advising, briefing and drafting

Professional: Commercial awareness


Principal Statistician (Grade 6) / Principal Data Scientist

GSG competency framework: level 3


Helpful: Collaboration across departments, government and beyond

Innovative: Embracing digital to lead and innovate

Capable: Delegation: achieving results through others

Efficient: Advanced communicating skills: presenting to large audiences

Professional: Commercial and financial acumen for leaders