Training providers

Analysis Function Capability Team

The Analysis Function Capability Team is based at the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Analytical transformation

The Analysis Function Capability Team support government departments with their analytical transformation. This involves helping them identify strategic priorities and objectives.

The team uses the popular 70:20:10 learning method and they help departments to find the right learning options needed for successful behaviour change; experiential, social or formal.

They organise and deliver a range of formal learning courses and help departments set up a network of champions, so that learners can be mentored or coached in new methods and tools. The experiential learning comes from providing analysts with ‘on the job’ opportunities to apply the methodologies and use the tools they have learnt in their formal training.

Flexible learning

The team also provide a flexible learning programme to support all government analysts to meet their role objectives and/or support their career development. This includes developing their statistical, data science and Reproducible Analytical Pipelines (RAP) knowledge and skills.

All of their courses are delivered by experts within the field of official statistics and data science.


Analysis Function Central Team

The Analysis Function Central Team support the Analysis Function in a number of ways.

They deliver training and provide other types of support for areas like evaluation and communication of analysis.


Government Data Quality Hub

The Government Data Quality Hub (DQHub) works across government to set direction and to provide advice and support on managing the quality of data, analysis, and statistics. The team is based in the Methodology and Quality directorate in the Office for National Statistics.

You can find advice, guidance, tools, and training on the DQHub webpages on GOV.UK. The team also offer tailored advice, support, and consultancy across government.


Analytical Standards and Pipelines Team

The Analytical Standards and Pipelines (ASaP) team works across government alongside the Government Data Quality Hub. We provide standards, advice and support on developing and assuring analysis. The team is based in the Methodology and Quality Directorate in the Office for National Statistics.

Our main areas of work are modelling best practice and supporting analysts to develop and assure computer code so it is auditable, robust and reproducible. We coordinate the cross government Reproducible Analytical Pipelines (RAP) champions network and run the annual government Coding in Analysis and Research (CARS) survey.


Data Science Campus

The Data Science Campus is based in the Office for National Statistics.

They provide a number of courses aimed at data science skills.

They are involved in promoting and organising theĀ MSc in Data Analytics for Government.

They also advertiseĀ other opportunities for learning and development on their website.


Training providers outside the civil service

The Royal Statistical Society (RSS)

The RSS offer statistical training for a wide range of audiences. A list of their courses is available on their website.

European Statistical Training Programme (ESTP)

The purpose of the ESTP is to provide statisticians with the opportunity to participate in international training courses, workshops and seminars at postgraduate level.

It comprises courses in official statistics, IT applications, research and development and statistical management.

TheĀ Eurostat website providesĀ more information on the ESTP courses.

Please note all applications for theseĀ courses should be submitted through the GSS capability team.