Accessibility and publications – what do you want to know?

Making our publications accessible is our responsibility as statisticians (see the Code of Practice for Statistics, Value pillar, principle V2).

The Good Practice Team are putting together some guidance on this.

Proposed contents:

  • Accessibility: what is it and why should statisticians address it?
  • Basis for this guidance
  • What this guidance does and doesn’t cover
  • Accessible formats – what you need to do about PDFs and other document formats
  • Making written content accessible
  • Making visual content accessible (e.g. images, diagrams and charts)
  • Making data downloads accessible
  • Building accessible data dashboards (this is a more complex section so it may be added at a later date)
  • Tools to check accessibility

What else would you like to see covered in this guidance? What questions do you have about accessibility? Email or post a message on the accessibility for statistical publications channel of the Government Statistical Service Slack workspace.


We have published guidance on ‘Making analytical publications accessible‘.

We also have a draft form of an update to our ‘Releasing statistics in spreadsheets’ guidance on the Best Practice and Impact GitHub which talks a lot about spreadsheet accessibility.