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Analytical Learning & Development – What’s happening?

Following my appointment to the Analytical Learning & Development (L&D) team I thought I’d share with you an outline of where we are and what you can expect over the next twelve months. Initially, I have heavily engaged with my colleagues in the Knowledge, Learning and Capability division to baseline Analytical L&D and see how and where it aligns with all of the other key capability strands.

In order to understand how effective the current L&D offer is I have cast a net far and wide to secure as much management information and participant feedback as I can, (who would have thought that securing better intelligence would help make better decisions?) . And I have started to put the feelers out with regard to setting up a cross government group to help me critically review the current offer, from both a subject and learning methodology perspective.

I have also been in a position, thanks to the support of my Knowledge Learning & Capability colleagues, to progress some of the outstanding L&D key actions for this year, such as the new GSG Career Cohort Checkpoint which enables staff to review and reflect on their progress to date, discuss career challenges (and how they can be overcome) and explore what support is needed/available to make the next career steps.

I am keen to work with the wider community to further enhance the L&D offer and will be looking to identify and exploit opportunities to do so over the coming year. In the meantime, I will be attending the GSS Conference in November where the Knowledge, Learning and Capability division will be running a modest exhibition stand. Please come and have a chat if you want to know more and/or have any ideas you would like to share.

If you are not attending the conference and would like to get involved in some way, especially if you have comments or ideas about how Analytical L&D can further improve, then please feel free to email me directly.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Julian Boyer   Learning & Development & Knowledge, Learning and Capability   email