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Changes to the way you request content to be added to the GSS website

The process for requesting content to be put on the Government Statistical Service (GSS) website has changed.

What’s changed?

If you would like content to be added,  you must now fill in the online content request form.

This request will then come through to the GSS website team who will deal with your request promptly. Simply select the type of content you would like to submit and complete the form.

How long do we need to deal with requests?

We aim to deal with requests for blogs, vacancies, events, news items and training courses within five working days.

We will need at least 10 working days for requests for new webpages or new policy or guidance documents. Please involve us when you start drafting this type of content so that we can give you guidance on best practice in online communication and writing for the web.

Remember the style guide

We adhere to standards for best practice on the web. We use style.ons (the style guide created for the Office for National Statistics’ website) and the Government Digital Service style guide.

If you send in content requests that do not adhere to these style guides, then it may result in a delay in publication.

If you have any issues or queries please email