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Changing of the Guard – Open Data Sub-Group

The Presentation and Dissemination Committee (PDC) is about building capability, setting and raising standards, sharing best practice, encouraging innovation and celebrating success across the GSS. If you are not familiar please check out what it’s about.

There are a few subgroups to the main committee that look at specific areas including one around Open Data.  For several years Gregor Boyd from Scottish Gov has chaired this group. Gregor has been part of an innovative team in Scotland that have taken open data to the next level with the system. He has always been eager to be part of the conversation, help drive changes for the greater good and has always been a great source of advice and support and am sure others.

Gregor is moving on to pastures new and, I’m sure with some sadness, is relinquishing his role as chair of this group.

The Open Data Subgroup is important. Transparency and openness is so crucial in this climate. It ensures accountability and also shapes people’s abilities to make the best decisions they can. But it’s not just down to a few to help make this happen it is all of our responsibility.

The Open Data sub-group is there to help the GSS with the open data agenda. It is a great platform from which people come together and share ideas and advise others that need support. It can be a catalyst for collaboration between departments and should be at the front leading the GSS onto bigger and better things in open data.

With Gregor’s departure as Chair, Richmond and I have agreed to share a co-chair role within this group. We are both passionate about open data and are keen to continue the good work that has come before and drive the group onwards and upwards. It is important to remember that the open data agenda is being driven by the GSS. Richmond and I will bring a wide range benefits to this area from the knowledge and experience we have developed working in NHS Scotland and ONS.

As Gregor moves on to his new role he won’t disappear off the open data radar. Richmond and others will work with him around the Scottish Analytical Infrastructure Project which aims to help people better produce, find and use statistics about Scotland to make service more efficient and increase the impact of the data provided.

A few of the things we want to go into in this year:

Issue a poll to existing members to ensure we have the right people involved

Set up a Workshop with the group

  • Future purpose and channels of communication
  • Refresh TORs
  • Memorandum of understanding
  • Delivering the main objectives: buddy scheme, standards, leadership and technical guidance
  • Open data maturity landscape

Work with the Good Practice Team on the guidance and support on open data for the GSS.

How do we look to build better partnerships with open data groups, such as the ODI, OKFN.

We look forward to working with you all and please get in touch if you want to be involved. We’ll be looking for volunteers to come and talk about initiatives, projects and tools that would interest others.

Before we end this blog and Gregor hands over the reigns I wanted to say to him – tapadh leibh agus a h-uile rud as fheàrr airson an ama ri teachd. Bidh thu air do chall.

Darren Barnes (ONS) and Richmond Davies (NHS Scotland)