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European Courses in Advanced Statistics (ECAS)


Statistical Disclosure Control for Official Statistics

 February 20-22, 2018 – ENSAI – Campus de Ker Lann, Bruz, France

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This three day course will introduce basic and advanced concepts of statistical disclosure control, privacy and confidentiality. The topics  covered include:

  • Disclosure risk scenarios and types of disclosure risk;
  • Disclosure risk measures for traditional outputs: microdata and tabular data;
  • Statistical disclosure control methods;
  • Impact of statistical disclosure control on utility;
  • Differential privacy ;
  • Legal and ethical issues;
  • Examples of best practice and applications in statistical offices/ health authorities;
  • Workshops on differential privacy, anonymisation and generating synthetic data.

This is an exciting and unique course bringing together experts around the world to deliver the latest developments in privacy and confidentiality for post-graduate level and those working at statistical agencies.

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