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GSG Career Checkpoint Course

GSG Career Checkpoint Course

This course is intended for Statistical Officers/Data Scientists who have previously attended the GSG Induction and GSG Foundation courses.

The aim of the session is to enable staff to review and reflect on their progress to date, discuss career challenges (and how they can be overcome) and explore what support is needed/available to make the next career steps.

The course has an additional aim of offering attendees an optional dedicated 1-2-1 career checkpoint, where they can receive more bespoke guidance and support on an individual basis.

A key objective for the day is for attendees to renew/refresh their network of fellow statistical profession members, and build on relationships already formed through cohort learning.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will have a clearer understanding of:

  • Where they are against their original career aspirations;
  • How career challenges can be overcame;
  • How to take the next steps on their desired career path; and
  • What support is available for them to progress their career journey.

Though originally intended for those who have previously attended the GSG Induction and Foundation courses, it has been decided to open the Career Checkpoint to others within the GSS community. So, if the learning outcomes of this course could benefit you/your professional development then this may well be the course for you.

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Click here to book on London dates Jan-April 2018 and here for May-Sept 2018.