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GSS > News > GSS Learning & Development Update – December 2017

GSS Learning & Development Update – December 2017

1. Outcome of the first GSS Learning Steering Group meeting

The GSS Learning Steering Group met formally for the first time on 4 December 2017 to:-

  • Discuss the GSS Conference learning survey findings.
  • Explore collated GSS learning management information.
  • Agree appropriate solutions to propose to the GSS People Committee.


2. New GSS Learning ‘First Response’ Solution

The Learning Steering Group has agreed to include becoming a ‘First Response’ in their remit. Where the community has an urgent, one-off or bespoke ad-hoc learning/capability need the Learning Steering Group will act as a first response in as far as providing or identifying a fit for purpose solution.

To access the First Response service, GSS staff need only email the Learning Academy and indicate that it is a ‘First Response Request’. All requests will be collated and discussed at next GSS Learning Steering Group meeting, solution options considered and the requestor updated at earliest opportunity.


3. New GSS People Expertise Repository (PER)

The Learning Steering Group has proposed having a central repository of those with key profession specific skills/expertise, which the rest of the community can access; as/when they need bespoke help.

Request for Volunteers!

We therefore need volunteers from the GSS community to be part of the new PER. If you are interested in sharing your skills, knowledge or expertise; please let us have your details:-

  1. Your name, organisation and preferred email contact address.
  2. Your key specialism/subject matter expertise.
  3. Your regional location.

Email your volunteer details to the Learning Academy and indicate ‘PER Volunteer’ in the title.

Following the initial creation of the database the intention will be to upload it onto the GSS website for ease of use and access.


4. Future Look

We have asked the Heads of Professions, vie their Newsletter, to confirm their respective learning & development priorities as well as any specific regional location requests. We will use all responses received to improve the learning programme we offer the GSS community.