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GSS > News > GSS Sharing Seminar – Automatic workflows for statistical production

GSS Sharing Seminar – Automatic workflows for statistical production

The next GSS Sharing Seminar will take place at the BEIS conference centre on Thursday 11th May 2017 from 1:30-3:30pm.

In this seminar, colleagues from DfE and DCMS, with the help of GDS will take you through a journey of how tools & techniques such as R, markdown and automated testing commonly employed by software developers, are being implemented for statistics production in their departments.

A key function of government statisticians is to produce official statistics for publication. Often these statistics have a direct impact on government policy, so it is imperative that they are accurate, timely, and importantly: reproducible. At any point in the future, we should be able to reproduce all the steps required to produce a statistic, but manual processes (common in many publications) can make this challenging.

Using such tools and techniques can greatly improve the speed and accuracy with which publications can be produced, whilst ensuring their reproducibility.

This seminar is open to all GSS colleagues across Government departments.

Spaces are limited so book now via Eventbrite to secure yours.

For more information contact the Good Practice Team.