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GSS website refresh – progress to date

Back in October we (the Good Practice Team) wrote out to tell you about the work that was underway to refresh the GSS website after a period of reflection on user research to date.

Progress has been quite rapid since then and you may have begun to notice some changes including:

  • A link to the GSS Policy Store now replacing the A-Z of Policies and Guidance – including a homepage quick link for easy access
  • A link to the GSS Slack network via the quick links on the homepage
  • Reduction in the number of page options in the site navigation menus – hopefully we’ve made it easier for you to find what’s relevant to you!
  • “Community” content has been narrowed to reflect the latest events
  • GPT have also been hard at work updating a number of pages including the Presentation and Dissemination Committee including subgroups and Scrums, to name a few. Effective Tables and Graphs guidance also now takes you direct to the GSS Policy Store – a model we will be adopting for all guidance going forward
  • A streamlined “About” section, including the removal of a number of outdated pages, and some updated content. We will align our content in this area with the UK Statistics Authority who are making changes to their website on 3 and 4 January 2018


What’s ahead in the New Year?

We will be completing our audit of all content on the current website, aiming to finish it by 31 January. We will be contacting remaining page owners in the first week of January, but would encourage you to think about any content you have on the GSS website now. We won’t be able to migrate everything on the site in its current format so we’d appreciate your help to update it ready for the transition.

We are also beginning discussions with our website provider to think about what a refreshed website template could look like, based on our user research to date. Watch this space – we will be needing your feedback to make sure it’s right!


We’d welcome your feedback on any of the changes we’ve made to date, and will keep you updated as we continue to make progress early in the New Year.