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Help children get involved with Census 2021

The next census for England and Wales will be held on Sunday 21 March 2021. To promote this the Office for National Statistics has launched primary and secondary school programmes. Do you know any children or schools that might like to get involved?

Let’s Count! – the primary school campaign

The primary school campaign Let’s Count! is a programme designed to excite children and families alike about the census. With maths and statistics at its core and featuring the charismatic Counter Cats, the programme provides flexible lesson plans and interactive content across many topics.

Two new lesson plans have been added to bring the programme right up-to-date. An NHS lesson plan will champion the service and explore how census data plays a vital role in planning and funding for organisations like this. Additionally, an equality and representation lesson plan will highlight the importance of inclusivity within both the census and everyday life.

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Resources for secondary schools

Secondary schools will also be able to take part in engaging activities. Students will explore why the census matters to them and their local communities, covering topics across the curriculum.

Educators will be able to access inspiring whole-school and individual lesson content, which links to curriculum subjects such as:

  • citizenship
  • personal, social, health and economic (PSHE)
  • maths
  • history

These lessons will use real-world tasks to explore how data can be used to influence decisions across society, bringing the census to life for young people.

There will also be a competition, which will aim to build young people’s employability skills and help them articulate the importance of the census to their peers and community.

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