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Home Office Immigration Enforcement Analytical Project Opportunity: Call for Volunteers

Organised Immigration Crime is big business but we are fighting back, by targeting those organised crime groups who seek to exploit  the vulnerable people in society and reap the proceeds of the illegal crime.  The Home Office’s Immigration Enforcement, Criminal and Financial Investigation teams are the leading experts tackling serious and complex Organised Immigration Crime and leading the fight in dismantling the Organised Crime Groups facilitating this abuse.  The scale is large – calculations have shown that beneficiaries of just one OCG over a period of 10 years will cost the UK over £1.7 billion.

Words are easy –  but what we really need is to be able to show and articulate the real impact of all of our effort and how wide-ranging the work of CFI is on the UK.  We are looking for motivated individuals to join our project, those of you who are ready to look outside of conventional  performance metrics and bring us something new and exciting.

This will be an opportunity to help design a new approach to measuring the impact that law enforcement has on a highly political and sensitive threat to the United Kingdom. More importantly it will enable CFI to  “ tell our story”  and provide the narrative around the impact of the far reaching work that our investigators undertake daily..

We are looking for volunteers from one of the analytical professions to take part in this high-profile and exciting project. Volunteers will work in groups of 3  – 4 – It is anticipated you would need to dedicate at least 2 hours a week working on this project. Volunteers do not need to be based in London except for participation in check point meetings, whereupon any travel and expenses will be supported by Immigration Enforcement. You will be vetted to meet Home Office security clearance.

We plan to initiate this project in March, running until May 2018 with regular check point meetings over the course of the project. Project leaders in Criminal and Financial Investigation will provide support and coordination.

As an Analyst you will be given direct access to data to enable your research, such as our End of Year performance report and synopsis of closed organised crime operations, providing oversight of the life span of a complex, criminal investigation.

Our objective is to have a brand new performance metric; whether this be a visual tool, KPI or radical new way to present statistical data to share across law enforcement.  We really are open to new ideas to promote the significant work we do and are looking for skilled individuals with a passion for this area of work, ready to lead and innovate.

If you are interested in this exciting, innovative opportunity to influence change in performance measures then please apply by submitting a short expression of interest (no more than 300 words) to CFI Project lead, Kelly Tipton (, copying in by Friday 2 March 2018.  Please ensure you have your line-manager’s permission to take part in this work. A light touch selection process will take place should we receive a high number of applications.