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Help us fill in the gaps – an audit of inequalities data


In an effort to help us better understand what data sources and publications are currently available and where gaps exist, ONS has begun an inequalities data audit for analysis of inequalities in the UK. As inequalities are cross-cutting, we are keen to get expert insight and feedback from across the GSS and beyond; therefore we are taking a crowd-sourcing approach to further develop the Inequalities Data Audit.

The audit lists the data sources in alphabetical order with columns relating to each of the 9 protected characteristics of the Equality Act (2010) including age, sex, race/ethnicity. There is a separate tab for other useful sources, for example websites containing information related to a particular characteristic rather than a single source. We have attempted to include the majority of publications from 2012 to late 2017 which could contain relevant data covering the UK and its constituent jurisdictions. We hope that with input from across GSS and beyond we can develop a comprehensive and valuable tool for people who are interested in analysis of inequalities in the UK.

Things to consider:

  • Can you make improvements to the information currently included?
  • Any suggestions of additional data sources we have yet to include? The resource currently focuses on government statistics but are there any other data sources which you would choose to go to for such analysis? (Government funded, academic etc.)
  • Where are there gaps in the data available?
  • The current format has been chosen simply to collate this information; we hope to display this information differently in the future. In terms of the format; are all the variables useful? Should we include any additional information? How could the format be improved?
  • Is there anyone or specific organisations with specific subject knowledge that you think we would benefit from their input?

We welcome feedback by 1 March . Please send your comments to”

Inequalities Data Audit (spreadsheet)