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GSS > News > Initial report on the Inequalities Data Audit published

Initial report on the Inequalities Data Audit published

Earlier this year, ONS began an audit to understand the data that are available on the protected characteristics in the Equality Act (2010). This was the first step in an ongoing programme of work to identify where improvements in equalities data are needed and how they can be achieved.

We have now published a report on the audit as it stood when the call for contributions closed on 1 March 2018. This provides a high level summary of the initial results. It also includes a more detailed focus on ethnicity data, which takes a first look at some of the issues associated with the data on specific protected characteristic groups.

The next stage will be to fully explore the existing data sources for all the protected characteristics, including their potential to be used for further analysis, identify where the gaps are and prioritise the areas for further work. Our aim has always been to work collaboratively with a range of experts to achieve this so we are now looking for volunteers to be part of a working group to take this forward.  If you are interested in participating in this group, please contact