Join the National Statistics Executive Group Shadow Board

Applications for the National Statistics Executive Group (NSEG) Shadow Board are now open.

Each year, Government Statistical Service (GSS) colleagues of all grades and backgrounds are invited to join the NSEG to bring new and diverse perspectives to discussions. The NSEG volunteer member programme has been hugely successful, and colleagues have had great things to say about the experience.

NSEG is the top-level executive committee in the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and it is chaired by the National Statistician. Members include senior leaders from across the ONS, GSS, Analytical and Scientific communities. NSEG considers strategic issues that affect the statistical and analytical systems.

To encourage further participation, we would like to offer the opportunity for colleagues to join the sub-committees of NSEG. These include:

  • Analysis and Evaluation Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Data Governance Committee
  • International Committee
  • People Committee
  • Portfolio and Investment Committee
  • Quality Committee

In addition to the opportunity to attend and contribute to one of the sub-committees, you would also form part of the new NSEG Shadow Board. This would involve providing your views on issues being discussed at NSEG meetings, to support a culture of challenge and debate. You will also help to champion increased diversity of thought throughout NSEG and its sub-committees.

How to apply

To apply to sit on one of the NSEG sub-committees, and be part of the NSEG Shadow Board, please email by Friday 22nd April.

Your email should explain:

  • why you are interested in the opportunity
  • the skills you would offer to the committee
  • the diverse perspective you could bring

Please include details of any experience of membership of professional groups or diversity networks you consider may be relevant. Please also confirm your preference of sub-committee, if any. Your line manager will need to confirm that they would be prepared to make you available for up to two days a month for a one-year period.

Your email should be no longer than 200 words. You can expand on your expression of interest in a follow-up conversation.

If you have any questions, please contact the Secretariat team at

NSEG Sub-Committees

Analysis and Evaluation Committee

The Analysis and Evaluation Committee provides strategic direction to cross-cutting analysis. This ensures system-wide relevance, coherence and inclusivity of analysis around public policy priorities and evaluation. It is informed by a programme of horizon scanning and user engagement. ​

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee provides strategic direction to communication activity across the system. This makes sure that we have a publication model that:

  • provides the information that stakeholders and the UK public need
  • is efficient, targeted, accessible, inclusive and flexible

Data Governance Committee

The Data Governance Committee has ‘end to end’ oversight of data in ONS covering the consistent application of relevant policies and standards in data governance.

International Committee

The International Committee oversees the development and application of the international strategy to position the UK as a global leader in statistics and data. It coordinates the UK’s international presence and its involvement in partnerships promoting transparency and high standards. ​

People Committee

The People Committee oversees the implementation of our People Plan, creating a great place to work and organisational capacity in line with business strategy. It considers strategic people issues and their effect on the business, as well as the effects of business strategy on our people.​

Portfolio and Investment Committee

The Portfolio and Investment Committee oversees and makes decisions related to funding bids and ONS investments. They do this through the development, management, and review of the Business Plan and Portfolio.

Quality Committee

The Quality Committee is tasked with the realisation of the Quality Strategy and ongoing oversight of statistical quality.​