Launch of the new Analysis Function website

We’re pleased to share with you the work we’ve been doing with the Analysis Function (AF) Central Team on the production of their new website.

The website is designed to bring the community of government analytical professions together. This includes government statisticians, data scientists, researchers, auditors, geographers, economists, and anyone else working in government analysis. It creates a central place for everyone in government to access information and support related to government analysis.

What this means for Government Statistical Service (GSS) content

The AF website presents a great opportunity for us as a community of statisticians to share our expertise with colleagues from across government. We will have our own area on the website for GSS content, which will be available to everyone.

This means that we will now be sharing all GSS content on the AF website, rather than the GSS website. All content specific to the GSS has been copied across to the new AF website and can be found in the GSS area.

The GSS website will continue to be available for 6 months. But, please be aware that we will not be updating it with new content. We will only be updating the AF website with new GSS content.

There will be a banner across the GSS website giving information about the new AF website and explaining that content has been migrated.

After 6 months the GSS domain will no longer be active. This means any bookmarks or saved links you have will no longer work. Please update them as soon as you can.

Please be assured that the GSS will still have the same strong web presence. We will just have a new location for our content. The service you get from the GSS web team will remain the same.

The structure of the AF website

Other professions within the Analysis Function will also have their own areas on the AF website for their content.

The website will have a central area for AF guidance, training courses, learning and development, and career opportunities. It will also feature news items, blog posts and information about events.

Continued development of the AF website

The AF Central Team are very pleased to announce that the new AF website is launching today, as part of Analysis in Government Month – a month-long celebration of analysis across government.

The website is being launched in a ‘public beta’ phase of development. This means that the AF Central Team will continue to iterate and develop the website post-launch according to user feedback.

You will be able to give your feedback to the AF team by selecting the link in the banner above the main website menu. Please take some time to look around the new site and let the team know your thoughts!

Contact us

If you have any questions about the GSS content or website, please contact us at

If you have any questions about the new Analysis Function website, please contact the team at