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Ministry of Defence- SEO Statistical Officer

Statistical Officer C1 – SCO Statistics Manager

Grade: Senior Executive Officer, C1
Salary: £39,456 with additional allowances totalling £4,500 per anum.
Location: London

The Ministry of Defence are currently advertising a SEO Statistical officer post in the Office of the Service Complaints Ombudsman (OSCO). The post holder for this role has sole responsibility for the statistical analysis published in the Annual report and operates as an embedded statistician in an Arm’s Length Body.

The Ombudsman requires a member of the Government Statistical Group (GSG) to develop its analytical capability, to better exploit existing and new data sources to facilitate performance monitoring and to work with stakeholders/service providers to create innovative solutions to ensure that the Ombudsman/OSCO is able to make accurate operational and policy decisions.

Key responsibilities will include:

  • Development and delivery of professional statistical support to the Ombudsman.
  • Developing systems and procedures to support effective and objective statistical analysis;
  • Lead on production of statistics for the OSCO’s annual report to the Secretary of State for Defence and Parliament;
  • Maintain quantitative and qualitative performance metrics to underpin the Ombudsman’s monitoring of the Service complaints system;
  • Working closely with the Armed Forces and other stakeholders (e.g. Defence Statistics) to improve the quality and reliability of Service complaint data
  • Professional responsibilities to Defence Statistics and UK Statistics authority
  • Line management of OSCO business manager.

Closing date: 19 February 2018
Civil Service Jobs Reference 1566980