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R tool and conference

New web-designed tool for calibration of survey weights

The Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic prepared in R software open source tool Calif, which is a Shiny web application for calibration of weights of statistical surveys. It is well-suited for almost every sampling survey (EU-SILC, LFS, ICT, HBS, EHIS, CIS, …), with features such as web-designed graphical user interface, interactive data loading, stratified calibration and many others. Calif is well documented, the source code as well as the Manual is publicly available and free to use. It is available on GitHub and on the webpage of Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic.

6th International Conference on the Use of R in Official Statistics (uRos2018) in the Hague, from 12 to 14 September 2018. The call for papers is now open. The conference consists of a one-day tutorial session and a two-day scientific conference  + a short two-day “unconference“. This event is a two-day hackathon where we develop applications for official statistics.