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Statistics for the Public Good: the new strategy for the UK statistical system

Today the UK Statistics Authority have launched their new strategy for the UK statistical system: Statistics for the Public Good.

A message about the new strategy from Sir David Norgrove, Chair of the UK Statistics Authority:

This vision sets out how we will inform the UK, improve lives and build towards the future.

Your contributions during the consultation and focus groups last year have been fundamental to this, just as only your work and expertise can deliver it.

I am hugely proud to Chair the UK Statistics Authority Board and to work with you all. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has shown the direct connection between data, policy and society as never before.  And as our lives have changed dramatically during this period, so has the way we produce data about our nation.

In my nearly 50 years of observing and working within the UK’s statistical system, I’ve never seen so much change in such a short period.  We’ve already taken the first steps to improve the flexibility and resilience of our statistical system, and proved that the scale of change we were striving for is not only possible but of massive benefit to the whole country.

This new strategy sets out how we aim to ensure that we continue to play the central role that the country needs us to play.

The core principles of our new strategy set out how we will be:

  • radical in taking opportunities to innovate and collaborate, using data for the public good
  • ambitious in setting out to answer the critical research questions the public needs answers to – and informing the decisions that citizens, businesses and civil society take
  • inclusive in our approach to our workforce, talent management and the design of data, statistics and analysis
  • sustainable in delivering a unique service in a way that delivers value for money through partnership and collaboration

To achieve our aims in this strategy we will need to focus on:

  • putting more emphasis on the effective communication of our statistics: to make it harder for them to be misinterpreted and to be bolder in challenging misrepresentations when they occur
  • combining administrative data with high-quality survey data: to harness the full power of data to maximise our analytical impact to be used for the public good
  • being an organisation that has inclusivity at its heart, and ensuring you have the technology and support needed to deliver

Thank you once again for all your extraordinary work over the last few months.  I very much look forward to working with you all to ensure that we produce high-quality data and analysis that informs the UK, improves lives and builds the future.