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The Analysis Function – What does it mean for the GSS?

Why create the Analysis Function?

To realise the vision of “A Brilliant Civil Service” transformation, Sir Jeremy Heywood and John Manzoni identified vital cross cutting services or Functions to efficient and effective government. At the end of 2017, Analysis (shorthand for analysis, research and evidence) was included as one of these Functions. Following the Analysis Function conference in January 2018, this month sees the launch of the Analysis Function Strategy digitally, in profession boards and at Civil Service Live. Significant contributions to the strategy have come from all of the profession support teams, boards and individual members. So congratulations to all those that have helped make this vision possible!

What is a Function?

The Analysis Function is a collaboration between the analytical professions to achieve Functional objectives. Functions have a common purposes on standards, strategic overview across government, building capability and careers. For the Analysis Function this means:

  • Set one standard for analysis across departments which everyone can easily follow.
  • Strategic cross cutting department view on priorities, resources, issues or risks.
  • Build analytical and critical thinking capability outside of the Function .
  • Own a consistent career framework across government to drive attraction, develop members, increase talent and diversity.

What is in it for you as a profession member?

  • A broader and more flexible career offer as more roles are opened to all analytical professions.
  • A broader and more varied learning and development offer for members as the profession teams increase collaboration.
  • Opportunities to take on a wider remit building analytical capability outside of the Function.
  • More contact between analysts and other professions to drive initiatives on the analysis standard.

What is in it for the analytical professions?

  • Greater visibility for best practice analysis and analysts at the most senior levels of government.
  • An opportunity to shape the structure and governance of analysis across government.
  • A seat at the Civil Service People Board table where strategic resourcing and pay discussions are decided.

Throughout the rest of June and July your profession support teams will be providing more information about the Analysis Function workplan. In the meantime, take a look at the strategy, the work started on a career framework by a cross profession working group. To shape this work or the other objectives contact your professional support team or mail .