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Code of Practice for Statistics


The code provides producers of official statistics with the detailed practices they must commit to when producing and releasing official statistics.

The code ensures that the statistics published by government serve the public. When producers of official statistics comply with the code, it gives users of statistics and citizens confidence that published government statistics are of public value, are high quality and are produced by people and organisations that are worthy of trust.

You can download the code or access an interactive version.

Target audience:

Producers of Official Statistics

Policy details

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Version number:2.0
Mandatory or optional?


Effective date:1 April 2015
Frequency of review:It is anticipated that the guidance will be reviewed and updated periodically, in response to experiences of using it as well as to reflect possible updates to the Code itself.
Primary contact:

Author:Central Policy Secretariat
Commissioner:UK Statistics Authority
Approver:UK Statistics Authority
Date of approval:1 June 2016

Code of Practice for Statistics


Effective date
1 April 2015
Nature of document
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