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Comparing official statistics across the UK

Note: this policy is currently under review.

This policy is scheduled for revision following the release of the new version of the Code of Practice for Statistics. It was written in the context of version 1.0 of the code. In situations where the new code and this guidance diverge, the new code should be followed.

Policy details

Metadata item Details
Publication date:11 March 2016
Author:The comparability task and finish group set up by the Inter Administration Committee
Approver:The Inter Administration Committee
Who this is for:Producers of statistics

Brief description:

This guidance outlines the steps producers can take to assess and communicate the comparability of their statistics across the countries of the UK.

This will help users of statistics better understand which statistics are comparable across the UK so that they are able to make decisions and quickly get to the numbers they need.

Review frequency:

This guidance is reviewed periodically.



Comparing official statistics across the UK (PDF , 0.74MB)