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Open Data and the Government Statistical Service


The UK Government’s Open Data Agenda encourages departments to release operational data in electronic open formats that encourage reuse and develop new applications. To support this, it has recently created a right to data, in an amendment to the Freedom of Information Act, and is asking Departments to publish their plans under open data. The GSS must grasp the opportunity of open data, mindful of the need to comply with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

This policy document is scheduled for revision in 2018 following the release of the new version of the Code of Practice for Statistics. While it has not yet been superseded, it was written in the context of version 1.0 of the Code. In situations where the new Code and this guidance diverge, the new Code of Practice is definitive and takes precedence.

Target audience:

Producers of Official Statistics

Policy details

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Version number:1.0
Effective date:1 August 2012
Commissioner:Jil Matheson - National Statistician



Effective date
1 August 2012
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