Tenure harmonised standard

This harmonised standard is under development.

A recent review of the tenure harmonised standard identified a number of areas in which this standard may benefit from updating to most effectively meet the needs of stakeholders. Over the next few months, the Harmonisation Team will consult with stakeholders on whether and how to update the standard. As part of this, we are keen to hear from housing data users and producers – if that’s you, please get in touch (email gsshelp@statistics.gov.uk). Please also get in touch if you have any questions about this work, or if you require advice on survey questions to use on this topic.

Policy details

Metadata item Details
Publication date:17 April 2019
Author:Callum Allison
Approver:Catherine Davies
Who this is for:Users and producers of statistics
Type:Harmonisation standards and guidance


Brief description:

This harmonised standard sets out how to collect and report statistics about tenure to ensure statistics about this topic are as comparable as possible across the Government Statistical Service (GSS).


This harmonised standard is available as a PDF document. This PDF is not meeting the current accessibility standards. However, when we update this harmonised standard it will be in a format that does meet the accessibility standards. Please note that in the PDF, the harmonised standard is referred to as a harmonised principle.

Review frequency:

This page will be reviewed annually.



Tenure harmonised standard - this PDF does not meet accessibility standards (PDF, 0.07MB)

Download Tenure harmonised standard - this PDF does not meet accessibility standards

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