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Guidance on the use of symbols in tables

ONS has recently reviewed the symbols that are used in data tables. This review has resulted in the production of a list of Data Markers being produced that harmonise with Eurostat where practical to do so.

It is recommended that producers make use of harmonised symbols wherever possible when presenting statistics in tables.  Harmonised symbols improve ease of use and comparability for data users, and assist data producers in complying with the Code of Practice requirement to promote comparability within the UK and internationally.

Please click on the table below:

Data Markers Screenshot

We have also provide a printable pdf version of the Data markers table.

This coding convention, which is used by Eurostat, means that ‘0’ can only be used when the figure is a true zero, not when a figure has been rounded to zero. For these occurrences ‘0~’ is to be used.

More information on Data Markers is available.

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