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GSS Presentation Templates

GSS Powerpoint – White Bilingual  GSS Powerpoint – White English

In order to maintain visual continuity and style please do not alter the template or its page set-up as these have been specifically designed for projection format from computer.

Making an impact

Please remember that your slides are meant to illustrate what you are saying rather than repeat or replace your speech. The simpler your slides are, the more impact they will have. Avoid the use of special effects or too much animation, which will detract from the actual content of your presentation.

Page limitations – safe area
Try to keep all content a reasonable distance away from the edges of the slide to avoid losing any information once your presentation is projected.

Try to keep to only 6 bullet points per slide.  Keep it short and simple
It is preferable to use multiple slides to convey your information, rather than try to fit everything onto one slide.

Keep font sizes for text as large as possible
The default settings on these template are:

  • Headings – 38pt Arial Bold for Title slides, 32pt for all other slides;
  • Body text – 28pt Arial for first level bullet points, 24pt for next level, 20pt and then 18pt;
  • Text smaller than 18pt, although legible when printed, will be difficult for an audience to read once projected. Should your title run over onto two lines, the font size will need to be reduced. Please try to keep the size to 28pt or above.

Diagrams and graphs
Please keep diagrams and graphs simple and clear. The more complex the slide, the more difficult it is for an audience to read.

Using images – file formats
When inserting images into PowerPoint, try to use Jpeg’s as opposed to Tiffs or Bitmaps. This will keep your file size down and enable the presentation to run faster.

Text colours

  • Corporate blue has been used as the colour for text.
  • Should you need to use more colours, keep them as light as possible.
  • Avoid using primary colours – red, yellow, green and blue. These colours can ’flare’ on a screen and are difficult to read when projected.