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22nd GSS Methodology Symposium

The 22nd GSS Methodology Symposium 2017

The 22nd GSS Methodology Symposium will take place on Wednesday the 12th of July 2017 at the Westminster Conference Centre, 1 Victoria Street, London.

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Methodology: Insight; Innovation; Implementation; Impact

As researchers and methodologists we are driven quite naturally to look for the insight and innovation that leads to improved or better methods than those we already have. There is no doubt that this drive helps to ensure that the professional advice and statistical analyses provided by the GSS year on year remains at the heart of Government policy and decision making. And yet, we are often challenged about the impact of our work – ‘it’s all very interesting, but what difference does it actually make?’ In some cases, the challenge may be valid, but in many cases, the significance of the research and methodology that underpins policy and decision making remains largely unrecognised simply because it does not make the press release or glossy public facing visualisation.

GSSM22 will provide an opportunity for researchers and methodologists not only to share their work, but also to pause, consider why it is important, and celebrate how it has made, or has the potential to make, a real difference.

The GSSM22 programme

The GSSM22 Team are pleased to announce that the GSSM22 programme had been finalised.

Confirmed key note speakers include:

John Pullinger (The National Statistician GSS);
Sarah Henry (former Head of Intelligence & Performance, Manchester CC; the new Executive Director, MDR ONS);
Jane Naylor (Deputy Director, PMSI ONS);
Peter Smith (Professor of Social Statistics, Southampton University);
James Gillan (Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency)

There will also be a dedicated parallel session focusing on the new Data Science Campus led by Tom Smith (The Data Science Campus MD)

A handbook outlining talks, exhibits, timetables, and all of the information needed for the day can be downloaded here.

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