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Effective tables and graphs

This guidance is for producers of official statistics who need to design graphs and tables that are clear, consistent, informative and easy to use.


The aim of the guidance is to ensure that the graphs and tables we produce convey key messages quickly and effectively. The guidance is not a set of standards. Instead, it sets out some principles to think about when visualising and presenting statistical data and illustrates them with examples.

This guidance complements the half-day course on data visualisation provided by the Good Practice Team. Please get in touch if you’d like us to host this course in your department.

Templates for graphs

Excel templates for the most commonly used types of graphs are available from the documents section of the presentation and dissemination group. You can also access a range of colour palettes from this area. You will need to sign in to access these templates.

Please contact the Good Practice Team if you have any questions, comments or feedback