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Improving Commentary

This page brings together a range of examples of good statistical commentary. They demonstrate how you can write about statistics in informative and engaging ways. Writing about statistics in this way helps to increase their use and value. Keep checking back, as we’ll be adding new examples.

Good commentary

These publications include some excellent commentary. Hover over the sticky notes in each document to see an explanation of why they are an example of good practice.

MQ5: Investment by Insurance Companies, Pension Funds and Trusts

Look out for…

  • Clear explanation of a complex subject
  • Good attempts to explain movements in the data

Wild Bird Populations in the UK

Look out for…

  • A sound understanding of how the statistics are used
  • Statistics are placed in the wider context

Before and after

It can be really helpful to see exactly what improvements have been made to statistical commentary. These examples show what the statistical publications looked like before and after improvements to the commentary were made.

Statistics on Waste Managed by Local Authorities in England

Look out for…

  • Description of the long term trend, as well as recent figures
  • Statistics are placed in the wider context

The whole improvement journey

These examples show the overall journey they went on to improve their statistical commentary and how they overcame the challenges they encountered.

Using peer review

Peer review is a quick and simple way to identify the improvements you could make to a statistical publication. You can see some examples here about its impact.