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Social media in the GSS

Social media offers the GSS a simple and inexpensive way to disseminate our statistics and gain helpful feedback from users.

This guidance has been developed by the Good Practice Team as an introduction to social media for members of the GSS. It is designed for departments who want to get started on social media but may also be helpful for departments already using social media.

To view the guidance, click the thumbnail at the bottom of this page.


This guidance has three parts:

Part 1 – looks at the benefits of having a social media presence, using real GSS examples.

Part 2 – is about getting started on social media, why social media is important and different ways to progress. This includes ways to work effectively with communication colleagues.

Part 3 – is about maximising the impact of your social media presence.

Members of the Government Statistical Service can view the guidance in the social media community group or by clicking the thumbnail which appears below. If you have any questions about the guidance please contact the Good Practice Team.

The Good Practice Team would like to thank James Twist, Amy Brockett and the members of the GSS Presentation and Dissemination Committee for input into this guidance.

Guidance document