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Peer Review

What is peer review? 

Peer review is about asking others to identify improvements you could make to your publications. You can ask colleagues within your department, or from across the wider GSS, or indeed any other interested parties to review one (or more) of your publications. The feedback provided by participants can then be used to improve the content and presentation of future publications.

Why do it? 

It is quick and easy to set up; it encourages collaborative working across the GSS and can lead to real improvements in the presentation and impact of your statistics.

Is it worthwhile? Lorraine, Alex and Craiger think so…..

The feedback we received has been invaluable… and is important as part of our process of continued improvement.  We expect that many of the suggestions made will be incorporated into the publication.  I would strongly recommend the peer review process and have shared the outcomes to help shape other Health and Social Care Information Centre publications.  Lorraine Gray, HSCIC

I enjoyed the experience, and my stats releases have massively improved in quality as a result.  It was also organised very well in terms of being enough to learn without interfering with work.  Alex Snowshill, DWP

It was useful to have someone that knew nothing about the publication, have a totally objective look and provide some feedback.  Craiger Solomons, Welsh Government

How can I get involved?

  • Set up peer reviews in your business area or department.  NISRA did – read how.
  • Join a GSS peer review group
  • Contact the Good Practice Team to organise a taster peer review workshop