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Quality Champions’ Network

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The GSS Quality Champions’ Network exists to support Heads of Profession in raising the quality of official statistics within departments. Quality Champions will promote quality management tools within departments, as well as coordinating best practice across the GSS. They will do this by:

1. Championing Quality Management as a method of encouraging and promoting a culture of continuous improvement through self-assessment and quality reviews using GSS Quality tools.

2. Attending Network meetings. Actively participating in discussions on good practice and sharing own departmental experiences. Taking the opportunity to broaden knowledge of good practice across the GSS and build links with other Quality Champions.

3. Contributing to GSS-wide quality initiatives by actively liaising within departments and across the GSS on risk assessment, quality assurance and quality review processes.

4. Being proactive in ensuring Heads of Profession and colleagues within departments are kept up to date with key developments relating to quality; acting as a central point of contact for advice on quality.

5. Ensuring departments publish and maintain up-to-date information on statistical quality assurance.

6. Co-ordinating updates on departmental quality work and progress against quality goals/targets, on behalf of the HoP, for inclusion in the Annual Assurance Reports for the National Statistician’s Office.

Who are the Quality Champions?

David Matz – Home Office
Peter Moran – ORR
Penny Allen – DCMS
David Smith – SG
Rebecca Hulme  – Ofsted
Michael Morris   – DfID
Jill Pobjoy – ONS
Lu Ham  – DCLG
Andrew Woodend – Defra
Jay Symonds – DfT
Claire Thompson – HSCIC
Tony Wilkins – OME

Quality Champion Induction Pack