QIF bids: Case Studies

Case SCase Studiestudy 1

What is the project about?

During 2014/15 ONS bid to improve coverage of Crime Statistics (Cyber Crime).  The survey had its National Statistics badge removed by the UK Statistics Authority after the Public Administration Select Committee inquiry into crime statistics.  New types of crime were not being captured by the Crime Survey for England and Wales, therefore threatening its credibility.  The objective of the project was to address the issue of cyber crime statistics by funding some feasability research.

What was the outcome?

The primary objective of the bid was met within time and budget.  New questions were introduced and trialled from April 2015 after the research was conducted.

How were the outcomes of the project disseminated?

The outcome has been taken up by the Scottish Government and the Northern Ireland Department for Justice who are planning to introduce such questions following the second phase of development which is now underway.

An abstract will be submitted to the GSS Methodology Symposium in July 2015 to disseminate the outcomes more widely.

Case Studies

Case Study 2

What is the project about?

Case study on developing “R” training

What was it about?

The project sought funding to develop introductory courses for the GSS on the statistical software package “R”. The funding was used to develop the course materials, pilot two courses to the GSS and to review the courses based on feedback from participants.

What was the outcome?

The piloted courses were successful and received positive feedback from participants. Two courses, an “Introduction to R” and an “Introduction to graphics using R” are now available to the GSS through Statistical Training Unit.

How was it shared?

In addition to the end of the project report, a presentation on the experiences of running the project was presented at the GSS Methodology Symposium in 2014. The paper and presentation are available

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