Health and Safety Executive’s Statistics E-Bulletin

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has had a statistics e-bulletin service running since May 2006. The main aim is to keep statistics users up to date with the latest news, statistical releases and other useful information. Subscribers receive a bulletin approximately every two months by email. Typical bulletins will have three or four points of interest with links to further information.

We currently have over 30,000 subscribers and the bulletin has been a huge help to us in reaching our customer base and gaining a better understanding of customer needs. For example we used the bulletin community in spring 2011 when we ran a public consultation to establish how HSE’s data is used and the impact on users if we were to change the frequency or availability of our statistics. This consultation received 558 responses which formed a major part of the decision making process when determining funding of future data sources. The results were also presented to the HSE Board. More recently we have also used the bulletin to promote a statistics user conference which we held at our offices in Liverpool.

Producing the bulletin places a very small burden on the stats team. It is managed by an EO who co-ordinates individual content with our Grade 7 statistician leads.  Each bulletin takes an hour or two to develop. In setting the bulletin up, we did have the advantage that HSE was establishing e-bulletin services more generally.  Whenever anyone subscribes to a bulletin, they are given a list of other HSE bulletins they may be interested in. This was hugely beneficial to us in growing the original audience for the statistics e-bulletin.