The Good Practice Team (GPT)


The Good Practice Team (GPT) is here to help the Government Statistical Service (GSS). This includes anyone in government who works with statistics, from statisticians and analysts, to policy professionals. We are part of the Best Practice and Impact Division within the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

What support does the Good Practice Team offer?

We provide advice, consultancy, training and guidance on all aspects of government statistics. Our main focus is on communication and presentation, applying the Code of Practice for Statistics and helping producers meet user needs. But, we are also here to help with any other questions about the collection, production and dissemination of government statistics.

We can advise you on how to meet the requirements of the Code of Practice for Statistics when producing and disseminating statistics. We work closely with the Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR) to ensure that our advice, guidance and training is up-to-date.

We can also help you with breaches of the code. We work with statistical producers and the OSR to record breaches and agree mitigation strategies. We also provide support before and after assessment for code compliance and National Statistics badging. We can help you meet the requirements of an assessment.

GPT organises workshops where participants review a statistical publication and suggest improvements. There are usually around six participants from across the GSS.

The aim of these workshops is to provide constructive feedback on how a statistical output might be improved. The feedback focuses on first impressions, titles, key messages, context, interpretation and language.

Taking part in one of these workshops will give you the chance to:

  • work with colleagues from the wider GSS
  • gain a fresh perspective on statistical publications
  • gain a deeper understanding of what makes a good statistical release

If you’d like to get involved, take a look at the events page. We host them in various locations across the country so look out for one taking place near you soon!

You can also nominate a publication for review. You will receive a feedback report summarising the workshop discussion and ongoing support from the Good Practice Team.

Email to find out more.

We offer a range of training to the GSS.  View a full list of the courses we offer.

Some of our most popular courses are:

  • Introduction to data visualisation
  • Writing about statistics
  • Introducing the Code of Practice for Statistics

Occasionally we also advertise pre-planned training courses on the events page.