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Career checkpoint course

Open to
All staff in the Government Statistical Service
Training category
Type of training
Face to face
One day
Learning Academy
Office for National Statistics
London, Newport, Titchfield, Leeds


This course is open to all people working in the Government Statistical Service (GSS), which is everyone who works with official statistics.

However it is tailored for, and mandatory for, members of the Government Statistician Group (GSG). These are members of the GSS who are also members of the government statistical profession.

Members of the GSG should be invited to attend this course after they have been in the GSG for 18 months.

This course covers what is required to effectively manage career progression. It explores career challenges, how they can be overcome and what support is needed (and available) to help make the next career steps.

Learning outcomes:  

To further develop your professional network of other members of the statistics profession, while learning more about what is needed and available to support your career progress.

How to book: 

If you are in the GSG you should be invited to attend this course, if you are not in the GSG but would like to attend, you can find it on the Learning Academy eventbrite webpage.

To search the list of courses on eventbrite:

  1. Select “show more” at the bottom of the page.
  2. Press Ctrl+f on your keyboard if you’re using a PC or ⌘+f if you’re using a Mac.
  3. Type the name of the event that you’re looking for.

If you would like this course at a different location to those advertised on eventbrite this may be possible, depending on the potential number of attendees – please contact the Learning Academy by emailing 


If you have any problems or are unable to find the course on eventbrite please contact the Learning Academy