Intermediate data science with R

Open to
All staff in the Government Statistical Service
Training category
Data science
Type of training
Face to face
One and a half days
Data Science Campus
Office for National Statistics
London, Newport, Titchfield


This course is about learning to tell stories with data using the R system.

You will learn about the data science workflow (Reflection – Collection – Preparation – Analysis – Reporting) and how the Tidyverse, (a collection of R packages specifically developed for contemporary data science), assists at each stage of the flow in a standardised, coherent and reproducible way.

The focus of the course is on the reflection, collection and preparation stages of the data science process.

You will learn about: importing data presented in almost any format into R, a standard concept of tidy data, how to transform messy data sets into tidy ones and how to explore a data set using techniques such as visualisation, so that it is ready for analysis.

The approach is hands-on and we make use of real-life case-studies.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • understand the scientific approach to the data analysis workflow and why and how R contributes to the process.
  • import data into R in different text formats, excel, SAS, STATA and SPSS files as well as data from the web.
  • know the concept of tidy data, identify messy features in a data set and tidy it ready for analysis.
  • use simple exploratory analysis, including visualisation, to detect, be aware of, and possibly correct, data anomalies.

How to book

Please email to express your interest in this course.



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