Introduction to geography for statistics

Open to
All staff in the Government Statistical Service
Training category
Type of training
Face to face
Two days
Learning Academy
Office for National Statistics
Newport, Titchfield


This course will introduce participants to the importance of geography in the collection, production and use of statistics. The course also teaches the generic elements of geographic knowledge and understanding needed for good analysis and research. It combines classroom and computer-based activities.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • be informed about of the issues with geography when used for statistics in the UK, as well as solutions to deal with them
  • understand spatial thinking and how it helps to get statistics right
  • identify the different types of statistical maps, understand their application and interpretation
  • be able to produce a statistical map using appropriate software
  • be aware of the importance of the GSS Geography Policy
  • know about sources of geography data for official statistics

How to book:

These courses are provided depending on demand. If you would like access to this course, please contact



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