Introduction to object orientated programming in Python

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All staff in the Government Statistical Service
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5 hours
Analysis Function Capability Team
Analysis Function Capability Team


This course is designed to introduce learners to object orientated programming in Python. As an object orientated language, every variable used in Python is an object. This course will cover what is meant by objects, how to create user-defined classes to hold data, and how to expand and enhance them to perform key functions. It will also provide a greater understanding into how commonly used Python packages are set up, and work behind the scenes.

Learners should have a good level of experience with Python, including experience creating their own functions.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, learners should:

  • have a better understanding of previously experienced Python objects
  • be able to create simple classes to hold data
  • be able to augment classes with complicated methods and powerful tools
  • be familiar with:
    • inheriting objects
    • comparing objects
    • combining objects
    • decorating objects

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