Working with users

Open to
All staff in the Government Statistical Service
Training category
Presentation and dissemination
Type of training
Face to face
1 hour 30 minutes
Good Practice Team
Good Practice Team


This workshop investigates ways to identify users of statistics and engage with different communities.

It introduces the Office for National Statistics model of ‘user personas’ and explores how this can inform the development of statistical content for various audiences.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this workshop, participants will have had the chance to investigate:

  • why it is important for their organisation to engage with users
  • who their users are
  • what their statistics are used for
  • how to engage with users

How to book:

Contact the Good Practice Team.

They can discuss your needs and either arrange a bespoke session for your organisation (the minimum number required is 15 attendees), or look to fit you in on a course that is already planned.

This course can be combined with other courses offered by the Good Practice Team or Quality Centre.



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