Adult social care statistics

The Office for Statistics Regulation have recently highlighted that adult social care statistics, in some cases, fail to meet user needs.

The Adult Social Care Team in the Office for National Statistics (ONS) are aiming to help address these issues.

Work we have done so far

Data on COVID-19 deaths in the care sector

We published Deaths involving COVID-19 in the care sector, England and Wales. We plan to produce a new annual publication on deaths to care home residents.

Interactive tool

We have created an interactive online database tool which pulls together official statistics on adult social care across the four nations of the UK. Each month the database is updated with new publications. The database also includes up-to-date official statistics on the effect of coronavirus (COVID-19) on the care sector.

Stakeholder engagement

We have engaged with stakeholders across the four nations of the UK to improve leadership and collaboration.

Work we plan to do

In the future we aim to identify evidence gaps in adult social care data and explore data availability to fill these gaps. Initially, we will be focusing on self-funders and unpaid care. We are also working with the Government Statistical Service Harmonisation Team, to help make statistics more comparable, consistent and coherent.

Find out more

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