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The English Health Statistics Steering Group

The English Health Statistics Steering Group (EHSSG) oversees collaborative working across English health bodies to ensure priority user needs for health and social care statistics are met in a timely, coherent and accessible way.  The core responsibilities  of the group are to work collaboratively to:

  • Develop and own a strategy for English health and care statistics;
  • Identify and propose solutions to issues of coherence and accessibility of health and social care statistics;
  • Reduce duplication in data collection / analysis to deliver efficiencies in official statistics;
  • Engage with users and determine the most effective ways of addressing priority information needs;
  • Oversee developments to guide researchers and the public to the most appropriate statistics to meet their needs;
  • Consider recommendations from the Health Statistics Round Table leadership group and lead on implementation where appropriate;
  • Develop a principle-based approach to the statistical responsibilities of the different organisations which currently produce official statistics

Further information on the Group can be found:

The English Health Statistics Steering Group (EHSSG) minutes

The English Health Statistics Steering Group (EHSSG) meets quarterly. The agenda and minutes from these meetings are all available to view.

The EHSSG welcome your feedback, queries and comments. Please get in contact.

EHSSG Theme Groups

As producers of health and care statistics, the EHSSG have been challenged by the Permanent Secretary at the Department of Health and the National Statistician to “raise our game” in providing informed advice to policy makers through increased insight and analysis of the data we hold. Across the health statistics system, the EHSSG are committed to working together to develop improved insight and analysis to inform the analytical service offered to decision-makers and the general public.

To ensure relevant, coherent and accessible health and care statistics are meeting user needs, there are a growing number of EHSSG theme groups that cover the breath of the health and care statistics system. These theme groups are chaired by a lead statistical producer organisation with a membership of other official statistics producers. As these groups establish themselves users will be integral in informing the future direction of health and care statistics.

Further information on these theme groups and current action plans can be found here.