Theme-based user groups and forums

The User Support and Engagement Resource (USER) hub team are in the process of developing this page.

They are reviewing existing user groups and forums across government, and bringing them together into theme-based lists. The user groups and forums will be sorted into the 10 Office for Statistics Regulation domains, as listed below.

If you are aware of any user forums or groups across government, please get in touch with the USER hub team at


Click on a heading below to find what each theme covers. As this work develops, active user groups and forums will be added under each theme.

You can also sign up to the online forum StatsUserNet to contribute to discussions and share information under any of these themes.

The Agriculture, Energy and Environment theme covers food and farming, the natural environment, animal and plant health, flooding and water, fisheries, and environmental quality. Energy includes prices, fuel poverty and energy sources, such as gas and renewables.

The Business, Trade and International Development theme includes company structure, size and location; closures or mergers; and turnover, international and UK trade, and research and development.

The Children, Education, and Skills theme covers teachers and lecturers, learners, and looked after children – and covers all stages of education from early years to university and beyond.

The Crime and Security theme cover crime, policing, justice systems (family, civil and criminal); and National security.

The Economy theme covers the UK economy and the economies of Devolved Administrations and UK regions.

The Health and Social Care theme covers the health of the UK population, including health care provision, social care provision, health status and disease, disability, cause of death, and health and safety at work.

The Housing, Planning and Local Services theme includes current housing, household estimates and projections, homelessness, housing requirements and commercial, industrial, retail and residential planning. The theme also covers information on local services such as fire and rescue services.

The Labour Market and Welfare theme includes measuring different aspects of work and jobs and covers people’s employment, working patterns and the types of work they do. The theme also covers any earnings and benefits they receive.

The Population and Society theme covers the size and geographic spread of the population, on the factors driving population change (including births, deaths and migration), and on people’s lifestyles and culture, including sport, language and identity.

The Travel, Transport and Tourism theme covers all modes of travel and transport, transport infrastructure and tourism, including travel patterns and distances travelled using various modes of transport; the use of private and public transport; and international visits to the UK.


If you have any questions or want to know more, get in touch with the USER hub team via