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GSS > Vacancies > Coronavirus (COVID-19) analytical posts in Welsh Government (Grade 7, Senior Statistical Officer and Higher Executive Officer)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) analytical posts in Welsh Government (Grade 7, Senior Statistical Officer and Higher Executive Officer)

Grade 7, Senior Statistical Officer, Higher Statistical Officer
Role type
Closing date
20 Jul 2020
Grade 7 (£50,870-£ 60,830), SEO (£39,310-£ 47,000), HEO (£30,600-£ 37,410)
Cardiff, Other Welsh Government offices (when safe to do so), Working from home
Open to
Welsh Government

Welsh Government are currently seeking Grade 7 statisticians, Senior Statistical Officers and Higher Statistical Officers to join them on loan.

We have created the following five high priority, fast-paced, temporary roles in our Statistical Services Division as part of our evolving analytical response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic:

1. Grade 7 – Head of COVID-19 Analysis Hub and High Priority Projects Team

You will manage our COVID-19 Analysis Hub (which will eventually morph back into being our High Priority Projects Team as non-COVID-19 related activity returns to the agenda).

This role will involve:

  • being responsible for our internal COVID-19 dashboard and monitoring work
  • contribution to Cabinet Office and the UK Government’s internal and public-facing dashboards
  • direct support for Ministers on recovery and emergency response
  • publication of data around our COVID-19 response
  • non COVID-19 projects, including around Brexit and well-being


2. Grade 7 – Head of COVID-19 hospital activity, social care data, testing and contact tracing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) team

You will oversee a small team processing daily data returns and publishing data on COVID-19 related hospital activity, patient pathways, care homes, and children’s social care.

The role will involve providing support to the Grade 6 and leading on specific aspects of this work such as:

  • weekly publication of hospital activity data
  • working with the Secure Anonymised Information Linkage (SAIL) databank to understand patient pathways
  • answering Welsh Questions and media queries


3. Senior Statistical Officer (equivalent to Senior Executive Officer (SEO) grade) – COVID-19 testing and contract tracing analyst

You will:

  • develop an understanding of the different data flows on testing and contact tracing
  • represent the Knowledge and Analytical Services division at working groups on contact tracing to ensure the programme addresses data requirements
  • liaise with data suppliers to assess the quality and coherence of data
  • develop regular internal reporting using contact tracing MI, as well as public facing reports
  • respond to requests for testing or contact tracing data from Members of the Senedd (Welsh Parliament), the media and public


4. Senior Statistical Officer (equivalent to SEO grade) – COVID-19 survey co-ordination and analyst

You will provide support to the Grade 7 coordinating Welsh Government’s input to, and use of surveys relating to COVID-19.

You will take specific lead on certain aspects of this work (as determined by the experience and skills of the suitable candidate):

  • social survey design and management
  • Quality Assurance (QA) of quantitative survey data
  • analysis and reporting of quantitative survey data
  • preparing Ministerial briefings (quick turn-around required)


5. Senior Statistical Officer (equivalent to SEO grade) – COVID-19 social care and mortality analyst

You will:

  • work with Care Inspectorate Wales and Public Health Wales to assess the quality and coherence of data sources on social care and provide advice on their use
  • provide analysis on the impact of COVID-19 on social care in Wales, with a focus on care homes to support modelling and policy development
  • produce the weekly publication on deaths of residents in care homes
  • answer Welsh Parliament questions relating to social care data and COVID-19


We are looking for motivated statisticians and/or (quantitative) social researchers to undertake these roles on loan for approximately four to seven months (length negotiable to a point).

We also have opportunities to join our Administrative Data Research Unit – Wales, working on data acquisition and data linking at HEO, SEO and Grade 7 level. For more information on these roles please contact

Development opportunities 

Major public services affected by the pandemic, in particular public health services and education, are devolved matters. This is a unique opportunity to be at the heart of Welsh Government while it leads Wales out of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. You will play a crucial role in informing policy development while supporting Ministers in the recovery and emergency response to the pandemic. You will gain valuable insight into the workings of a devolved administration.


These lateral loan/secondment opportunities are open to Government Statistician Group members.

Applications will also be considered from other analysts working within the wider Government Statistical Service (e.g. other members of the Office for National Statistics Researchers, Analysts and Statisticians (RAS) group, quantitative Government Social Research members, ex-data analytics apprentices and “non-badged” statisticians with relevant experience such as those in arm’s-length bodies).

You must hold a permanent contract with your home department.

How to apply

To apply, please send your CV and a covering note to by close of play on Monday 20 July 2020. Please include details of any relevant posts you have undertaken and state your grade and which of our posts you are interested in (along with any other specific requirements you have). Please note these posts are only available as lateral moves.


For further information please contact Rebecca Gillard