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HEO Analyst

Reference number
Higher Executive Officer
Role type
Closing date
15 Jul 2019
minimum salary £29,722 National £34,052 inner London
Leeds, London (Westminster), Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield
Open to
Members of the Government Statistician Group, Economists, Social Reserachers, Operational Reserchers
Department for Work and Pensions

DWP is looking to recruit a number H-level analysts to fill key posts across Data as Statistics.

DATA AS STATISTICS really does capture what we all do: taking and creating data then adding value and insight to make statistics which tell the story and inform decisions. We do this across the range of statistics we bring together on the welfare system, to our surveys and income analysis, to our work on benefit reviews that inform our reporting on Fraud and Error, and the wider role we play in ensuring others across the Department understand and use statistics in the right way.

There are four posts available, three of which are within Client Statistics, which is part of Data as Statistics working with administrative data on the full range of benefits, the fourth post being located in the wider Data as Statistics area but working very closely with Client Statistics on special projects and development.

Our work is the primary source of public accountability for DWP, and as such our outputs receive substantial media interest, informing public debate on critical topics. Accordingly, we work closely with Ministers, Private Office, Press Office, OGDs and Local Government Partners. If you are interested in developing exciting, informative visualisations, producing new and interesting ways to release statistics to the public in a more dynamic and interactive manner, taking full advantage of new technology and approaches, adding value to societal debate or using your technical expertise to open valuable data up to the public. We also support briefings for Select Committees, Public Accounts Committee, and support to the NAO, ONS, and collaboration with OGDs. These are varied and exciting roles placing you right in the centre of informing political debate and public accountability.

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