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Senior Statistician

Grade 7/6
Role type
Closing date
16 Aug 2019
Open to
Members of the Government Statistician Group, Government Statistical Service
Money and Pensions Service (MaPS)


Responsible for advising on quantitative survey and evaluation design and analysis, conducting advanced statistical analysis, managing a small team of research data analysts and managing internal and external stakeholders. The role will work across debt advice, money guidance, pensions freedoms and guidance and financial education for children and young people. There is an immediate priority is to review the methodology for estimating over-indebtedness and the need for debt advice at a UK, national and regional level.


Job description

This is an important role for the new MaPS organisation. The Insight & Evaluation team work across the organisation providing insights and evidence for both MaPS and the broader sector. The outputs are used to guide strategy and funding, and almost all our research is published, so statistical rigour and credibility is essential, as is an appreciation of the commercial demands of timing and cost

This role will be the primary advisor on statistics and survey data analysis – both our own and others such as Wealth & Assets, Family Resources Survey or Understanding Society. In terms of our own data, this includes the major Adult Financial Capability and Children & Young People Financial Capability surveys which we run every three years, which are based on c.5,000 online and face-to-face interviews. There may also be a need to design and/or manage RCT’s as part of our evaluation work.

The role would advise on sample design and weighting schema, but we have an established research / insight team who manage external suppliers and also have well-developed research analysis skills. In other words, others in the team can run research projects, work with suppliers and interpret the findings.

Critically, this role needs to fulfil an urgent need to review the methodology used by MaPS to estimate the level of over-indebtedness and the need for debt advice. The data for this is collected via a large online panel and then modelled by CACI to produce both national and local area estimates.

The role will also manage two research data analysts – one in place and one to be recruited (by this role)


Key relationships

Vital to the role is developing and maintaining strong and effective relationships with multiple stakeholders and decision-makers, including across MaPS and with organisations such as DWP, HMT or the FCA. There is also a need to work with suppliers such as BIT, Ipsos, Critical or CACI.

The work on our debt modelling is likely to involve building relationships with Devolved governments and debt organisations.


Person specification

The post holder will need to demonstrate excellent analytical skills, effective line management experience and well-developed communication skills.

More specifically, the post holder will be able to

  • Quickly understand the organisation’s research design and analysis needs and design appropriate solutions. In particular the challenges of estimating over-indebtedness and the need for debt advice at a local area level.
  • Win the confidence of a wide range of senior stakeholders, both within MaPS and across the sector.
  • Explain complex analyses to a ‘lay’ audience
  • Demonstrate excellent leadership and management skills, acting as a role model to the rest of the team and providing coaching and development.
  • Work well with the broader Insight & Evaluation team
  • Advise on statistical tools and techniques


Experience / Skills Required



Could be acquired


Frequency of use




Problem Structuring/Formulation Y Y F
Behavioural Science Y Y F/O
Qualitative Research Techniques N Y O
Quantitative Techniques e.g. Statistics, Forecasting, Predictive Methods, Modelling, Optimisation, Risk Y Y F
Appraisal Y Y F
Evaluation Methods Y Y F
Research Commissioning and Management Y/N Y F/O
Performance Measurement & Assessment Y Y O
Data Development & Exploitation Y Y F
Data Dissemination & Visualisation Y Y F
Knowledge DWP Finance N Y N
Knowledge of Fiscal Process N Y N
Commercial Knowledge Y Y O
Data Security/Protection Y Y O
Working with Ministers N O
Knowledge of Operations N Y O
OGD Experience ? Y ?
Applying Statistics Code of Practice Y Y F
Quality Assurance Methods Y F
Knowledge of Legislation/Parliamentary Process N N
Wider Stakeholder Engagement-  using wider evidence Y F

Impact Assessments



Development Opportunities & Assessment of ‘Stretch’ of Role


<Please consider the role and the development opportunities it will provide over the next 12 months and onwards.  For each job dimension listed in the table below, please tick if the role is ‘stretching’ or ‘very stretching’.  To note:

  • It is not expected that all G6 roles are stretching across all the job dimensions, but we want to identify which roles have ‘very stretching’ elements.
  • ‘Very stretching’ means that the role is particularly challenging at G6 level – i.e. it is at or approaching G6 level.
  • It is not expected that any role would be categorised as ‘very stretching’ on more than 3 dimensions at most.>


Assessment of stretch within role (please tick box Assessment of ‘Stretch’ of Role

for Talent Management

(Please tick as applicable)


At expected G6 standard ‘Stretching’




(at or approaching SCS PB1 level)

Analytical Depth:

The role is in-depth and technically challenging

Analytical Breadth:

Intellectual range or a broad programme of analysis across professions


Seniority/importance of customers and frequency of contact with senior customers


Opportunities to design and lead a programme of work and influence a wide range of senior colleagues to represent the Department


Managing a large team (or across multiple locations) or building the capability of an inexperienced team

Customer Demand:

Breadth and range of customer demand plus pace/quantity of demand



Development opportunities

This role provides an opportunity to make a major contribution to the new Money and Pensions organisation; to be involved from the beginning and make a significant contribution to how MaPS measures over-indebtedness and the need for debt advice – reporting to the MaPS Board; to work across debt advice, money guidance, pensions freedoms and guidance and financial education for children and young people; to develop a small team of research data analysts and to see how an Arm’s Length Body works.


Additional information

This role would be a secondment for one or two years


If you would like to apply for this role please submit a copy of your CV along with a supporting statement no more than 2 sides of A4 to


If you have any further questions on the role, please to speak Nick Watkins on 07827 979 206 or email him at


The closing date for this role is Friday 9 August 2019.